Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. I love this photography project by Rachel Hulin. Mostly because growing up, we used to play a game called flying babies with my dad. The game consisted of stacking all the pillows and duvets into a pile in the middle of the bed and then my dad hucking us from across the room onto the bed. Awesome. Best. Dad. Ever.


2. Do you have Ikea furniture and want to personalize it somehow but aren’t DIY-minded? No worries, Pretty Pegs is here to help! Basically, choose your shape and color and they’ll send you pretty new legs for your furniture! I could imagine these could be useful in other furniture updates as well.

3. Seattle is growing the first food forest – a massive park filled with edible plants!

4. As I’ve done 2 sets of wedding invitations in the past few months, I have had script fonts on my mind. These are all lovely and I just may be purchasing some!

5. If reading this doesn’t make you tear up, you have an icy black hole for a heart. And you probably hate kittens.

6. I love being in the UK, and I love Jaffa Cakes (why do we not have these in the US? This problem really needs to be rectified. Fast.) Dominic Wilcox recreated iconic British scenes using the quintessentially British cakes. Fab.

7. Are you wondering how long it Facebook will rule the earth internet? According to The Rise and Fall of Internet Empires, it’s just about 3 more years. My personal belief is that as soon as an “empire” make it too business-centric rather than people-centric, they begin to fail. It happened to Myspace before and Facebook is just now starting.. Have you seen Coke’s timeline?

8. Oh Big Picture – you consistently have the best photos ever. Your gorgeous pictures of spring are no exception.

9. Did you know that when brainstorming the names for the seven dwarfs, Disney came up with a list of possibilities. 47 to be exact. I like the idea of having a Flabby or a Dumpy, however, I’m wondering just what Neurtsy or Hotsy would be like?

10. Before we get depressed on how far women have to go before we will ever be considered equals (don’t even get me started on American political ideas right now…) let’s have a look at how far we’ve come. These ads are a reminder of how deeply engrained sexism was. I do find these funny though :) I actually laughed out loud at “most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives…” I know I probably shouldn’t, but the fact that they actually printed that in a magazine blew my mind!

11. Have you seen the Dollar Shave Club? I thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but no, it’s real. And it’s got a great ad. Watch the video. Brilliant.

12. Oooh.. I think I found our Easter morning breakfast! Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze.. mmm. Just the idea has me salivating! Look at how gooey and tasty that looks. Have that with some baked eggs? Heaven.


13. I’ve been in love with stripes for nearly 10 years and this is such a pretty collection! via The Sweetest Occasion