Happy Thanksgiving!

Or just happy Thursday if you are anywhere other than the States!

These are Gavin’s and my moccasins. We wore them on our Thanksgiving as tribute to the Native American’s, as these babies are hand-made in Parry Sound area, Ontario.

Legit, basically.

But in all seriousness, they are super comfortable and we just wanted an excuse to wear them at a dinner party… And how cute are we? Matching slippers? What’s next? Monogrammed bathrobes?

Oh and for all of you not in the know, you must listen to Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant. Funny, touching, 18 minutes long… what’s not to love? Listen to it on Spotify or here (in 2 parts):

You’re welcome :)

What I’m working on

This is the beginning of my advent calendar for Alfie and Kitty.. So far I have the numbers on six of the envelopes and this much stitching of the pockets. I have a lot of work ahead of me! It doesn’t help that the disappearing pen seems to just be absorbed into the felt rather than staying until it gets wet… annoying.

Tomorrow I am cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. Since the British clearly don’t celebrate it, we don’t have a holiday next week. We would do it next weekend but, alas, we are at a wedding were Gavin is the best man. Should be fun as we are having people total! I have already brined the turkey and I’m totally cheating and roasting the turkey and making the gravy tonight! That way tomorrow I just have to worry about reheating it – 20 minutes! Woohoo! So I won’t have the Norman Rockwell moment of setting the whole turkey on the table, but as no one really knows how to carve the turkey properly anyways, I figured no one would care. I’ll just make sure everyone has enough to drink!

Thanksgiving 2011 planning

Gavin and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house again this year. Last year I cooked it for a total of 10 people and this year there are 12! It was funny to celebrate with all the Brits as they definitely don’t acknowledge, let alone celebrate Thanksgiving, as a holiday and they only eat turkey for Christmas. I cooked turkey and all the trimmings, very (for my family) traditional. We started (of course) with cosmos and then moved on to wine and beer. Gavin’s cousin and his (then) fiancee brought a cheese platter, a friend and her flatmate brought mashed potatoes and another friend and his girlfriend brought pumpkin and pecan pie! It was amazing. The food went off without a hitch, everyone had a good time, and we never ran out of anything to drink. Lovely.

This year I am thinking that I might make it a little less “Wilson-family-traditional” and branch out a bit and try some new variations. Maybe a chestnut stuffing? Maybe some bacon in the roast brussels sprouts? Maybe these salads!

I saw these salads in an apple cup from Yummy Mummy over on the Kitchn… Oh the stuff you can find on the internet at work when you aren’t busy (and btw, aren’t her food photos lovely?!). I’m not sure if they are going to be time consuming to make – 12 apple cups? I can make them ahead of time though… Just rub lemon juice so they don’t turn brown? The salad itself sounds good as well – apple, blue cheese, avocado (and pomegranites but they are far too expensive here!). I think I would add bacon crumbles and some candied nuts and serve with some dressed greens on the side. We do everything buffet style since we don’t have a big enough table but I think they would look so nice on the side board!

Aren’t the colors just beautiful? It just screams fall and British apples are the best apples I have ever eaten in my life. No joke. I’m also not joking when I say that they have a super popular type called Cox. Seriously? The Brits just love cocks/cox. But that’s a whole different post ;)