Cruise part 3 – Naples and Herculaneum

Whew! At this point in the cruise, I was starting to get sightseeing overload. I knew that I didn’t need to see Naples or Pompeii because Gavin and I went there last year for his birthday. It would have been my third time to Pompeii, and while it’s amazing, it’s maybe not 3 times amazing. Instead, my Grandma and my roommate decided to take it easy and go see Herculaneum, which is a smaller and better preserved Pompeii. It’s pretty cool to say the least. It took about 2 hours to tour the site and when we were done, my Grandma and I just went back to the ship for lunch and some pool lounging. Hard life, right?

This house/temple/room was the most impressive and best preserved. The black beams are actually the original Roman wooden beams, burned by the hot ash surges. Impressive to say the least.

Climbing Vesuvius was one of the things that Gavin and I did last year and we loved it. The views were incredible!

Naples was a great city – while I didn’t go into town this time, Gavin and I had a great time in the “beautiful sh*thole” as we called it. Narrow streets, beautiful architecture and amazing sights around every corner.

Next up: Kotor, Montenegro. It was insanely beautiful and there are truckload of pictures. You have been warned…