Here’s to a better 2013!

Hi guys.. I’m still alive, for those of you who are left. It has been about 5 months since my last post.

I have no other excuse besides that this has been one hell of a past 5 months. I have started to write this, stopped, rewrote, deleted, wrote more, deleted, ignored it, thought about it constantly, and now I’m here. Rather than go into a lengthy post giving a blow-by-blow of October onwards, I’ll just do a chronological bullet-list. Ready? Here goes:

  • Sent in my 3+ lb application to British Consulate
  • Working as a part-time Innkeeper at the Calderwood Inn in Healdsburg
  • Visa was denied by British Consulate because they didn’t believe Gavin and I were together for 2+ years, despite joint bank accounts, lease agreements, bills to both of us at one address, emails, text messages, etc.
  • Went to Denver to visit one of my best friends from high school, drove back with a friend
  • Spent Thanksgiving with family and friends
  • Sent in appeal to British Consulate, very little hope at this point. No idea what or where Gavin and I stand
  • Plan trip to London, board flight to London, arrive in London, get deported from London, land in San Francisco exactly 48 hours after departing
  • British Consulate says that it will not give me a decision until May, 2013 (this was in December)
  • Decide I need to actually start living in Healdsburg, rather than wait around.
  • Get house, get dog(!!!), get real job, make plans
  • Get visa approved
  • Be confused about everything

So, basically, life is complicated and I’m not sure what my future holds at the moment. Right now I am living in a 3 bedroom house with no furniture – I feel like a college student again. All my stuff is in London in Gavin’s new flat, which I am dreading having shipped.. Hello huge bills!

But from here on out, I will blog consistently about what I am up to.. Which soon will be me refinishing my kitchen table, painting the insides of my kitchen cabinets and drawers, painting the house, buying furniture… eesh, this is making me tired already! Ha!

Second-to-last day

Tomorrow is my last day here at Perfect Day. I have had such an amazing time and learned an incredible amount in the past four and half months I have spent here. My confidence in my skills as a designer has increased and amazing amount, I have met my boyfriend, Gavin, and I have made some good friends here and around, and I have a flat in a nice area of town. Basically, I feel as if I am setting up a life here in London. And it’s a life that I like, which always makes me feel good.
I am looking into moving, however. Gavin and I are talking of taking it to the next level and moving in together. It kinda makes sense, though. Right now we are both paying about £570 per month just for rent and we spend every night together, either at mine or his and it just seems a bit wasteful. Especially since neither of us are really all that happy where we are. Me because of my domineering landlady, who is very nice, but makes me feel like an intruder and him because of his dirty flatmate and the smell of mildew that pervades the flat. I have been looking around and I know the areas that I would like to live and I know that they aren’t cheap but it’s worth it to me. I have found a potential area in the Hampstead area, which is really nice, for £1000 per month for a 1 bedroom flat. It looks really nice, though, with high ceilings, big windows and a new kitchen and bathroom. If I love it, I can overlook the fact that it has neither a balcony or a garden.. What’s nice, is Gavin gives me free rein to choose what I think is good and then if I make a bad choice, he’ll just moan about it :) It is also minimally furnished so I we can furnish it however we want to make it homey… But we aren’t even thinking of moving until September or October, so it’s a looooong way off.. I just like to cover my bases and make sure I’m not going to be homeless!

9 more workdays

I came over to London as an intern and unfortunately, the time has come for me to leave Perfect Day. My last day will be Friday, June 18th. While I am sad that this door is closing (but not locking) I know that there will be another door opening. The experience at Perfect Day has been an eye-opener, to say the least. To see skills honed, or so I thought, at university put to use and to see things that I spent time on discussed, has been an amazing experience. While the future is quite uncertain at the moment, I know that I can be certain that I will come out of it a better person. I will be more self-confident knowing that it was my skills that got me where I will be, not who my dad knows (not that I’m not grateful!). I will be taking one more step to that elusive dream called adult-hood, which I am realizing that not even the “grown-up’s” have got it all figured out yet. Which makes me feel a bit better for not having the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence just yet.. I mean, I’m only 23 and life, I assume/hope, keeps getting better from here. I’m happy enough with the fact that I have 3 herbs growing on my windowsill, I’ll be ecstatic when I can have a proper garden. But I’ll take things as they come… Life is good.