How to enjoy hot weather or Retail Therapy

Today was hot in Healdsburg. I mean this is the thermometer on my parent’s back deck in the shade at 5.30 this evening.

It’s pretty warm, and I LOVE IT!!

I did what any normal person does and I walked into town. There is a great little fabric store right on our main square. I may have purchased a thing or two. Supporting the local economy and small businesses is what I call it..

Just one or two fabrics including Kaffe Fasset and some Alexander Henry! Yay! I love them all! I mean look at that little animal family – so cute!

They are all 1/2 yard cuts which makes me pretty happy. And don’t the colors just play so well together? Now I need to borrow a sewing machine so I can actually do more than stare and stroke…

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a glass of white wine by the pool!

Happy New Year!

I had such a good new year’s eve this year. I kinda thought that maybe because we weren’t with our normal group in Florida or with my Gavi that it was going to be boring… Quite the opposite! I had so much fun it was amazing. Between the amazing tuna tartare and gnocci to singing onstage and being driven home by the band, plus being entertained by the ever loving and amazing A.P Fleming, I had such a good night. Thanks for everything, especially the memories! Much love.