A tiny party dress for a sweet baby

My boss and his wife welcomed their third child, Astrid, to the world a month ago. I knew I had to make something for them as they the reason why I’m here in the UK. Seeing as this is their third child, I figured they had everything practical that they could need, so I decided to make them something they would want. So I made a little party dress :)

I used this pattern from Made by Rae. There are two sizes in the pattern – newborn and 0-3 month. Since she was a month old, I decided to make the larger one. Too bad little Astrid is so tiny she still won’t fit! I think I may have also made the skirt too long.. Oh well. She can wear it this summer.

I’m not sure what the material is on the bodice, but the skirt is some Liberty print I had left over from making little Noel’s baby quilt. I love that it’s girly without being pink. The skirt also has French seams to give that little bit of extra luxury and class that Liberty prints deserve ;)

I would like to make it again, but I think I would make the lining of the top be a different print to make it really stand out. I’d also buy pre-made piping and bias tape! I also have a little proto-type going around in my head to make one with a onesie/babygro bottom inside so that it won’t ride up. We’ll see if I get around to that though!

Since I couldn’t give something just to baby, I gave this with some homemade blackberry jam for her parents and siblings. It was all wrapped in kraft paper and topped with some hand-painted hearts as tags.