I hear those sleigh bells jingling…

I had my Thanksgiving on Saturday so you know what that means! Christmas decorations can go up! Woohoo!

I spent my sick afternoon at home lying on the couch and then all of a sudden BAM! I felt the urge. The urge to pull out all (yeah, all 5 pieces) of our Christmas decorations. Now our living room (and front door) is cozily decorated. Even Gavin, a.k.a. The Grinch, likes it. I think he does because a.) there are no Santa’s; b.) there is no red and green, only red, white, gold, and silver; and c.) it’s not OTT. I’ll put up pictures one of these days :)

Decisions, decisions

Gavin and I have been talking about painting our living room for a while now (renters white just isn’t our style) and we got the OK from our landlords. I knew that I wanted to paint the walls in a cool grey color so I got some samples from B&Q (like a British Home Depot). This is now what our wall looks like:

Right now, we are pretty set on the second one from the left. I’m not sure if it’s maybe too blue though.. I am now having second thoughts about the whole painting idea, getting cold feet. Also, I am unsure as to what I am going to do with the picture rail, the crown molding and the space inbetween. Should I go traditional and paint the upper bit a lighter shade of the wall color and the molding high gloss white? Or something different?

How beautiful are these bears?

As soon as I saw the bears that Heartworks Stitching Club makes, I was hooked. They are all individually made by hand, and each one is made from 20 pieces! The colors are so beautiful and they are so happy and I want one! I have no idea how much R295-R695 is… I don’t even know what the “R” is actually. They are made in South Africa (but now have expanded to include Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe) so I am assuming that the “R” is for South African money… They also do amazing pillows in the same style. I think I am just a sucker for anything colorful and handmade.. But these are really in a class of their own.

Grow your own “living wall”

These planters (if you can really call them that) from WoollyPocket are so awesome. I want all of these. Especially the Wally. They are all made from recycled water bottles and feature waterproof lining so if you have them inside, they don’t damage anything. The freestanding planters, or Islands, are just released this week. They even have a program for schools to start their own edible gardens. Pretty awesome.

I Really Love Wallpaper. And pillows. And…

Wow. Danish company,Ferm Living, has just released it’s spring collection of home decorations. I love the retro feel to all of their things. Basically I could decorate my whole house with this stuff. So fun. It really makes me want to figure out where I want to live for a handful of years, settle down and decorate a house. I even have some of it figured out as well. The Purple Tree Bomb Wallpaper would be excellent as an accent wall in the dining room. Green Wildflower would be in a bathroom and Bindweed would be the entryway. Now all I need is the house to put it all in…