My week in Instagram

This week was a week of wine tasting and enjoying the last of the summer weather. I also made quite a few trips out to our wineries and checked out harvest and crush in action

Fermenting grapes and big tanks at deLorimier winery

Aw.. this is what I get to fall asleep/wake up to :)

I totally took all these from a harvest dinner so I could decorate the Inn. The Great Pumpkin Heist of 2012. They’ll totally make a movie.

Working on my 12 x 2012 list

Today was a productive day for my 12 by 2012 list – I made progress on painting the entryway! (Almost) everything is painted white. Tomorrow a friend is coming over to paint the stripes and finish the white! Woohoo!

I also worked on my quilt for Tylee. So far I have 6 of the 9 squares in place. My plan is to have the whole top done by tomorrow night. I probably won’t get the backing and quilt it until December though. Here’s where I am now…

Work to do, work to do..

No post… just boring-ness

I’m taking the evening off to spend time with this:

I know it’s a horrible photo because I used my laptop as a digital camera… not good. Just know that Gavin is leaving tomorrow to go to Estonia for his best friend’s stag do (bachelor party)… 24 men. Lots of beer and strippers. I think he will come back happy, if not hungover :) Oh well, this must be a sign of adoration.. right? But look how sweet he is when he is sleeping on the couch! I can’t help it!

Pattern has arrived!

Number 3 from my 12 by 2012 can soon be checked off! I got the pattern in the mail so now I need to get the fabric and get to work! I’m still thinking of using pink corduroy for the jacket and, of course, my buttons.

Also, Gavin leaves on Wednesday so I can get the paint! I can’t wait to get that done… Maybe I’ll even get the bulbs planted… Whoa, easy there productive!

Craft blog directory

While reading blog posts in my reader, I came across CraftyRie‘s very ambitious plan to curate all the crafty blogs out there. Once there are a good number, she will peruse them all and categorize them all accordingly. I think it will be a great way to find new blogs and inspiration as well a way to find a tutorial for what you need. While I’m not sure that my trusty old blog really qualifies for anything other than a crafty blog reader, I have recently become a bit craft obsessed and thus added myself. I figure she will delete me if I don’t fit the bill ;)

So what are you waiting for? Click on the button and go add yourself!


Blogtober FAIL!

Clearly this whole “blog-every-day” thing isn’t going to well with me… Maybe today I can get 3 posts out and call it even? In my defense, I went to Liverpool this weekend for a friends hen/bachelorette party. Man, Liverpool is rough! I seriously couldn’t stop staring at people because I haven’t seen that many odd looking people before… Craziness. It’s also so busy that it makes Oxford Street and Times Square look peaceful and deserted. Truly mental. I didn’t do much any sightseeing so I should go back to do the docks, Beatles museum and the new Museum of Liverpool. Maybe when Gavin and I have a car for the wedding we are going to in November. Kidsgrove is only an hour away. We’ll see though!

Twelve x 2012

I love it when blog-stalking trawling leads to something that makes me really happy. What could make me so happy you ask? Lists. To-do lists specifically. While doing my blog crawl on decorativity I came across the Twelve by 2012. Basically, it’s a list of 12 things to complete by December 2011. I have a million and one things to do, but I think 12 is much more doable.

So, without further ado, I present my twelve by 2012:

1. Paint the entryway with yellow and white stripes (Shh! It’s a secret! I’m surprising Gavin when he goes to Estonia!) This is the yellow I think I’m going to use… He already says he likes the color! Sneaky, sneaky me…

2. Finish my quilt for Tylee. So far I have embroidered 8.5 of the 9 blocks but I still need to do everything else!

3. Make a jacket for Kitty. I bought the pattern for it at least! I’m thinking a pink corduroy. I’ve never sewn from a pattern before though!

4. Get a table lamp for the living room. We need 2 points of light that aren’t overhead in the room.

5. Finish the landing page and portfolio pages of my website. Edit: I think this is a bit too ambititious. Maybe just have a portfolio page and update my landing page!

6. Learn to knit or crochet.

7. Make a piece of art to go over the bed that doesn’t look cheap, temporary or homemade. Picky, I know.

8. Design and make an advent calendar for Alfie and Kitty. I actually need to have this done for the end of November as that’s when we are up next to see them!

9. Plant my bulbs for next spring

10. Find a New Year’s dress! Sparkles are required.

11. Make a donation to a different, non-denominational charity in both November and December (and maybe draw up a list for the next year as well)

12. Figure out a savings plan to get a down-payment on a house. 40% is a lot of pounds..

(And I’ve now just caught up to one of my missed days on Blogtoberfest! Only need to catch up on one more day! Woohoo!)