Suzanne’s baby shower

Last Sunday, I threw a baby shower for Gavin’s sister Suzanne. Part of me wonders why on earth I decided to do that. I’m already broke as it is! And I took a week of unpaid holiday! And it was a long month! But oh well, I volunteered and it turned out great. I didn’t do as much as I originally wanted to do, but everyone had a good time and Suzanne got all sorts of goodies!

The prep work was the hardest/most time consuming/expensive. I made the bunting out of some fabric that I got near work. Luckily, that was cheap (£3 for 4 colors and I have SO much left over) but the iron-on letters were a bit more expensive. I bought a fabric set from a US company since fabrics here are pretty limited. I got the iron-on backing from a little shop here (Sew Over It, a great little place in Clapham North). I also got a butt-load of baby-grows/onesies for the activity, ranging from 0-12 months. I really lucked out that Suzanne brought her china in that little suitcase – it was perfect for the onesies! An Ikea trip discovered napkins, straws, paper lanterns and the lovely little white enamel pitcher that the flowers in the table are in. You can see my attempt at decorating a paper lantern in the photos above. The day of the shower, Susan – Gavin’s mom – and I woke up early to get all the food made. We made 4 different kinds of tea sandwiches – egg and cress, roast beef and horseradish cream, ham, and cucumber with herbed cream cheese (the clear winner and my own recipe!) and made them look pretty on their plates. I also did some snacks of Lemon, thyme and ricotta “bruscetta” which was pretty good, just very subtle. There was also copious amounts of tea, coffee, Pimms, wine and juice. Pregnant women there may have been, but we unfertilized folk needed a drink! After we ate, we got down to business with the presents!

She got all sorts of really sweet things, especially clothes. She also got a fair amount of chocolate. Every mom-to-be deserves some treats. She had Kitty – her niece – “help” with opening the presents. She was on her best behavior because she assumed the party was for her! Bless her, she’s only 20 months and oh so cute.

The best part of the shower, however, was the activity – personalized baby-grows! I cleared off the table of all food and laid out the fabrics, stencils, pens and scissors. People started off slowly and self-consciously but got really into it which made me so happy! Alfie – Kitty’s brother – was loving it! In the photo of him holding up one (!!) of his, the little blob under the sailboat is a Stormtrooper’s helmet.. apparently he is really into Star Wars! Even Suzanne got into it and made a few! Baby Noel is going to be the best dressed baby in Stoke-on-Trent!

Now I just need to print out the photos from the shower, put them in an album and give that to Suzanne as a remembrance gift. I also have all the photos from a little photo shoot with Alfie and Kitty to print as well for their Mom! Oh! I almost forgot… I made a quilt as my gift to Suzanne and Noel. It went down a storm! But that’s another post… ;)


Baby Shower!

When I found out that Gavin’s sister, Suzanne, was pregnant, I decided 2 things on the spot: 1.) that I was going to make the baby a quilt, and 2.) that I was going to throw her a baby shower. People here in the UK aren’t into showers, baby and bridal, that is, but to me, not having one is travesty! It’s such a beautiful way to be acknowledged for something that is such an amazing life changer! I immediately starting doing some research into baby showers (why Gavin refers to me as Monica, I have no idea…) and I here are my basic plans for the decor:

one; two; three

It is going to be a tea party theme – just because she is having a boy, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve a nice girly party! To go with the tea party/English vibe, I thought some bunting was in order (when is bunting not welcome, really?). I love the ‘how sweet it is’ bunting, but I think just his name would be sweet as well.. we’ll see what I do when it gets closer! I love the paper lanterns (and only about £5 a pop to make? Yes please.) As she is having a boy, I am planning on doing one each in blue, yellow, and green. And last, but not least, I thought these little tie bags would be perfect for guest favor bags.

I refuse to have any ‘traditional’ baby shower games (melted candy bar in a diaper, guess the belly size, etc.) but I know that we need something to pass the time as well as something to make everyone comfortable. After some more research, I decided upon decorating onesies! I’ll get one per guest in all different sizes and then we can spend about an hour eating sandwiches, drinking tea (and Pimms cups for the non-preggers in the group) while decorating. After we are suitably decorated, we can move on to gifts! Very fun :) I also plan on enforcing a no card policy – instead of a card, guests are going to be instructed to bring a book to start the babies library! I love the idea.. I have no idea where I saw it though. Unfortunately, I am not that creative and I totally ripped it off from somewhere… Oops. I’m even going to design little bookplates to go inside that people will personalise :) I’m so excited! Can you tell?