How to enjoy hot weather or Retail Therapy

Today was hot in Healdsburg. I mean this is the thermometer on my parent’s back deck in the shade at 5.30 this evening.

It’s pretty warm, and I LOVE IT!!

I did what any normal person does and I walked into town. There is a great little fabric store right on our main square. I may have purchased a thing or two. Supporting the local economy and small businesses is what I call it..

Just one or two fabrics including Kaffe Fasset and some Alexander Henry! Yay! I love them all! I mean look at that little animal family – so cute!

They are all 1/2 yard cuts which makes me pretty happy. And don’t the colors just play so well together? Now I need to borrow a sewing machine so I can actually do more than stare and stroke…

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have a glass of white wine by the pool!

Etsy treasury

I made my first Etsy Treasury! I never really knew what they were but when I decided to give my mom a list of Etsy things that I loved, I knew that a treasury was the way to go. I scoured my list of favorited shops for American sellers that had good “gifty” items that are small enough to carry in my suitcase from the States back to the UK. I also excluded artists who sell prints (from a printer, not screenprinted) rather than originals. So here we are, here is my collection of things I love off of Etsy! I am quite chuffed about it all!

One: Set of five gold and silver stacking rings from Secret Charm
Two: Aqua Chalcedony necklace by Petitor

Three: Herkimer diamond gold necklace by Frieda Sophie
Four: Herkimer triple diamond gold necklace also by Frieda Sophie

Five: Wreath hand-pulled screen print by Karolin Schnoor
Six: Pheasants, pods, and feathers original painting by United Thread

Seven: Set of 4 seasons tea towels by Claudia G Pearson
Eight: Set of 16 linen napkins by JB World

Nine: Small red and black dish by Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics
Ten: Aqua and white ceramic nesting bowls by Suite One Studio

Eleven: Baja turquoise porcelain ring by MaaP Studio
Twelve: Grey poppy silk day dress by Rachel Rose

Endless possibilities – Cards! Wrapping paper!

When I saw these on Design*Sponge yesterday, I knew I needed them in my life! I have always had an obsession with rubber stamps that started with homemade valentines and embossing powder. It was such a fun thing to do when I was little! These Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps ones are much more mature than the Winnie the Pooh stamps of my youth, but are just as endearing.

I really like that they have a San Francisco (home town, kinda) and London (new home) set. It’s like they are speaking to 2 different parts of me! They have all sorts of fun sets to check out here. The beach scene and badminton set are also in the running in being my first purchase…

I would love to make all my greeting cards from these as I do write a fair amount of “snail mail”. Isn’t it just so nice to get something handmade and handwritten in this digital age? A little human connection rather than a little beep in the online? Mailbox rather than inbox. And I might even be able to make next year’s Christmas cards with this winter scene :)

I also want to make some wrapping paper out of brown butcher paper and use the stamps to make a pattern. Cheap and beautiful wrapping paper! Done and done. Now roll on payday….

Strange tables

When I first looked at these tables, I thought they were cool, then I thought they were gross and ugly, and now I don’t know what I think. I think they look fairly disgusting, but there is something about them that I really enjoy.
They are made of foam resin that has been dropped in water which allow them to have a more “natural” or organic shape to them. As they say on the site, “Most of plastics are made out of oil derived liquid. They don’t have any original shape, like wood. We see them in artificial shape, as plates, rods, pipes or shapes which get from molds.
That makes us to feel ‘it is not natural’. However it is derived from natural petroleum. This project started with a question, ‘How does the shape of the plastic look like in the nature?’ ”

via Art Syndicate

Cottage season is almost here!

The combo of horrendously cold and amazingly warm with wind along with all the Canadians here in California, is making me quite excited for cottage season! I can’t wait to be up (or down from London) on the Bay, cruising around in the boat from island to island; making it home in pitch black – all while enjoying a cleansing ale or a nice wine… Anyways, while cruising the web I found this hook set that would look quite nice in my cabin. Or outside the main lodge… basically anywhere.

Traveling in style

What a beautiful laptop bag. I think that anyone carrying one these would look instantly professional and chic. Needless to say, I want one. Especially the green one. So if anyone wants to pay the €425 for me to have the Trash Cougar, I will be eternally grateful.
Just kidding. Kinda.

How beautiful are these bears?

As soon as I saw the bears that Heartworks Stitching Club makes, I was hooked. They are all individually made by hand, and each one is made from 20 pieces! The colors are so beautiful and they are so happy and I want one! I have no idea how much R295-R695 is… I don’t even know what the “R” is actually. They are made in South Africa (but now have expanded to include Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe) so I am assuming that the “R” is for South African money… They also do amazing pillows in the same style. I think I am just a sucker for anything colorful and handmade.. But these are really in a class of their own.