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10 words you literally get wrong


OMG… Oceans are FREAKY! Softball-sized eyeball washes up on Florida beach. Reason #303475-3345 to live in California, not Florida. They can also be awesome, however.

You know what else is awesome? Space.

Rescued ducks experience water for the first time. Pass the tissues please.
read more about the rescue here.

Mitt Romney staring longingly at people.

I love these geometric paintings.

Double exposures can be awesome. People vs. Places.

14 claps per second

Oh yes. Highly important video for you. This had our entire office looking like tw*ts and clapping really fast punctuated by extremely hard laughter. Basically, we looked like we were having a really fun seizure.

Go on, try it. Try to beat 14 claps per second. And try not to laugh. Impossible.

14 claps.

Per second.


So this is a little embarrassing as I was “tagged” by three different people and I never really did anything with it.. So, here are are my answers. Finally.

Questions from Colette
food – Pizza. There are so many varieties that I could eat a different kind every day!
memory – Anything up at Georgian Bay.. it’s basically heaven on earth.
book – Right now? The Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Gorgeous book and she really has such a lush writing style.
smell – Air, right after a rainstorm.
colour – Blues to look at, greys and black to wear.
handmade gift – I’ve actually never had a handmade gift.. :( A friendship bracelet when I was a kid maybe?
music – Is this a joke?! How can I narrow my music down to a favorite? Right now I’m really liking Lana del Ray though :)
place – Georgian Bay, Canada. Hands down.
fictional character – Hmm.. Everyone from Swatpaz videos? Does that count?
hobby – Sewing and embroidering. Yeppity yep yep!
cake – Oh boy.. Cake? I do like a good chocolate cake. And carrot cake. But funfetti cake is really good too (I think that is because they don’t have it in the UK!).. After saying all that, though, I have to say, I’m not a super huge fan of cakes. I like pie more ;)

and from Krista:
1. Starch or no starch? I’ve never used starch.. so I guess no starch!
2. Prewashing or not? I’m lazy. No prewashing.
3. Solids or prints? Mostly prints with a neutral (usually white with me) but I have some solids ideas in my head :)
4. Dogs or cats? Both. Each holds a special place in my heart (and life).
5. Big quilts or little quilts? Well.. I’ve only made one of each. I really enjoyed both but I think I like big ones better. I feel more accomplished.
6. Thrifting or buying new? I like buying new and adding some thrifted stuff in.
7. Wood floors or carpet? Wood. Hands down.
8. Beer or wine? Wine. Parents own wineries and mom is a winemaker. Our family “motto” is from the breast to the bottle.
9. Staying in or going out? Generally, staying in. I’d rather have friends over than go to a friends, etc.. I’m so lame!
10. One fabric line per quilt or mix and match? Mostly a line, but swap some out/add some in as I like.
11. Watching tv or listening to music? While sewing? TV. Cleaning/cooking/eating? Music.

And Annika:
1. What or who would you like to be reincarnated as? I honestly have no idea.. As much as I wanted to say something really witty, nothing is coming to me.
2. What is your favourite crap TV series? Does QI count? Ooh.. I really like Antiques Roadshow but Embarrassing Bodies is really gross/awesome.
3. Which country is your absolute dream travel destination? Vietnam
4. Do you have a nickname? Syd the Wyd ;) Also, Sydders, Syd, Squid, Squidward, Squidney, etc…
5. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Morning person, I feel much more productive in the morning.
6. The Cookie Monster. Marry, snog, avoid? Hmm.. avoid?
7. If you had created Earth, what would it be like? No religion. Created too many conflicts.
8. What’s your favourite food? My mom’s pesto.
9. What’s your favourite song? That’s like asking someone which child is their favorite. Not fair.
10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? To be more a doer. I’m working on it :)
11. Would you rather read Fantasy or Science Fiction? I don’t really know. Probably Fantasy though, that’s Harry Potter, right?

I’m not going to tag anyone in specific and I’m not even going to ask 11 questions. I’m just going to leave it at this :)

Pink Castle Blogger Bundle Competition

I love the idea of building my own fabric bundles and if I didn’t have to work and I had endless money and storage, I could do it all day long! So when I saw that Katy from i’m a ginger monkey has teamed up with Pink Castle Fabric to run a contest doing just that, I knew I was in.

The question was asked, “if you were chief bundle maker what would you choose?”

This is what I would choose:

Rows, top to bottom

  1. Wild Flowers in Blue, Wall Flower in New Day, Vines in Green
  2. Punctuation Dot in Black, Calico Cactus in Piney Woods, Meadow in Green
  3. Sundae Stripe in Gray, Herringbone in Lake, Rose Bouquet in Gold
  4. Heath in Chartreuse, Coreopsis in Sugar, Prairie Rose in Piney Woods

So what are you waiting for? Go make yours and post it here!

Rethinking Pinterest

I think everyone who has Pinterest is in agreement to the addictiveness of the site – creating beautiful pinboards of inspirational images. Sounds great! Except that pinning is getting into a bit of a legal grey area. Basically, when you pin something, you may be violating US copyright laws and according to the Pinterest user agreement “You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Member Content that you make available through the Site”. This means that if any copyright-infringement issue arise, Pinterest’s behind is covered – yours isn’t. Here is a quick example of what can happen.. and both this and this are excellent articles with some great insights into the (potential) legal ramifications of pinning on Pinterest.

Earlier this week, I emailed several popular websites that get pinned a lot, including design*sponge, Apartment Therapy and Decor8. Grace from design*sponge got back to me really quickly and had this to say,

“for images that WE take here at d*s (diy projects, anything written by our writers), i’m ok to have those repinned as long as they’re linked back to the direct post they came from.

where it gets tricky is with home tours, etc. those are often given to us (or rather, they’re lent to us) by professional photographers- the types of artists who very much care about retaining control over where their images go. so i would be more careful with those. i can’t guarantee they won’t ask people to take images down if they find them. so technically (and legally) anyone who doesn’t own an image (d*s included) should get permission to pin something before using it. that said, for images that WE own here at d*s, i’m fine to give permission as long as the image is linked to the original post.”

So along with other bloggers (Clara and Jenny and Jenelle), I am going to be deleting a lot of my pins unless I know for a fact that I’m allowed to share their photo. I have even been toying with the idea of deleting my account all together. While I’d miss having the ability to click on the image and go to the post, I don’t really want to be legally responsible for what Pinterest does down the line.

After saying all that, I will say I am always super flattered to be pinned just as long as it’s done appropriately. I won’t be deleting my little “pin it” button from my posts, just please follow the guidelines below before pinning any of my images! Thanks:

  1. Always link back to the specific post with the image on my blog, not the whole address. This means that you and others to actually be able to track down the content that accompanies the image at a later date. Read more about Pinterest Etiquette here.
  2. Credit your pin appropriately, including my name and/or the name of my blog in your label. And as an extension – don’t pin from Google images. Google doesn’t own those, click back to content owner.
  3. While you don’t have to, I would love to know if you do like anything enough to pin it! So leave a comment if you do :)

My week in Instagram

I love a good challenge, whether it’s Blogtoberfest, NaBloPoMo, or 12 x 2012, they are all great opportunities to cross off some bucket list stuff. Ok, so maybe not that challenging, but they do get me out of my comfort zone (hello blogging everyday!) and thinking outside of the box. This is why I decided to challenge myself to Fat Mum Slim’s March Photo a Day.

Here’s my roundup of the first 9 days of the challenge. Next Monday, I’ll post the next 9, and so on.

If you just can’t wait til next week, you can follow my pictures here! Are you on Instagram? My screen name is sydthewyd, hope to see you soon!

Liebster Awards

I feel so honored to have been awarded the Liebster Award by Jenelle of Echinops and Aster! As she says on her blog:

The Liebster award (German for favorite) is for bloggers with 200 followers or less. As a recipient of the award, you have the chance to thank and link back to the blogger who gave it to you as well as pass it along to five other deserving blogs.

I started this blog as way to keep my family informed as to what I was up to while abroad. Somehow, that has shifted into a way to communicate both with them as well a growing blogging community. I have “met” so many lovely, creative and inspiring people. I feel super chuffed (see, the English are rubbing off on me!) to even be included in the same field as them! If there wasn’t a “rule” about passing it back, I’d totally give it to Jenelle – her sewing and craft skills are amazing and totally my style, really fresh, beautiful things. So, since I can’t give it back, I’ll give my sincere thanks and pass it on.

These blogs are ones that I really enjoy reading for various reasons; some are crafty, some are not. Some are crazy and loud, some peaceful and reflective. All of them are real. All of them are great. At least I think so!

1. Crafty Shenanigans

2. Annabel Vita

3. Jane Brocket

4. Two Hippos


I really want to add that it was ridiculously hard to only choose five blogs. There are so many great ones that I love reading every day. I’m sorry if I offended anyone as that is most definitely not my intention!

Goodbye world!

Not forever! Just for the weekend :) As it’s my birthday tomorrow and it’s kind of a milestone, Gavindi is taking me on a surprise short break! He even booked work off tomorrow so we have all weekend! I have no idea where we are going. I am super excited..

But not as excited as he was this morning.

I was packing our lunch and he comes in wearing this (his bike gear) and asks for me to take a picture of him! I, of course, immediately started laughing. Who does that?! He told me specifically to make sure that I got his whole body in. And his bike. He really should know that the photo is on my phone which means it’s going online here!

If I’m going to be subjected to a man with leggings, a bright orange jacket and a ginger ‘tache, so should you. That’s why you’re here, right? ;)

OH! And we got our final count in last night and The Fantashtics have raised £884/$1385! Our original goal was to get at least £30 each which would have £180.. I think we did alright! Next year, though, we have big plans!