Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

2012 National Geographic Photo Contest. We live in a stunningly beautiful world. I think I need to re-subscribe to NatGeo.. I need more of these photos in my life!

It’s decorative gourd season, motherf*ckers! I love this more and more each autumn. “When my guests come over it’s gonna be like, BLAMMO! Check out my shellacked decorative vegetables, assholes.”

Artistic interpretation

Noma Bar may just be one of the world’s best illustrators. Guess Who may just be his best portrait work.

Just the idea of redesigning 300 logos makes my brain hurt. Doing it in 6 weeks? Impossible? Not for Fraser Davdison. Who did just that!

I kind of really want to make this quilt..

High five escalator. I’d give him a high five and then get all teary-eyed. I’m cool like that..

..and now I’m really tearing up – 24 grooms see the brides for the first time. Side note: why do people touch their face when overcome with emotion? Weird.

Whoa.. Dolce and Gabbana – pretty cool. Pairing the spring/summer collection with vintage travel posters? Freaking awesome.

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Celebrities without eyebrows. Wow people look creepy!

OMG! A letter to Winston Churchill in 1917 is first recorded use of OMG.

Whoa. I want to be able to do this to my hair. Plus the name makes me want to sing “under the sea”.

I think I need to have a party simply to make/wear these party hats.

Um.. I never in a million years thought I would ever say this, but Beyonce has a tumblr.. and it’s actually pretty cool..

These make me want to get back to London so I can re-explore my favorite places! Too bad it’s going to be at least 41 business days…

Space continues to blow my mind again and again.

I love baby elephants.

What happens when you combine bald men and water balloons? Water wigs. Awesome.

I know politics can be touchy but I enjoy them and I believe in civil discourse. This article highlights one of the many reasons health care needs to be overhauled and attitudes need to change in the US.

And to lighten the mood, I present to you, the cast of Mad Men performing the Rick Astley classic, Never Gonna Give You Up:

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Anyone want to guest post? I won’t have direct access to internet so my postings will be pretty spare.. You can write about anything you like! I would so really appreciate it :) Email me!

1. Free (yes! free!) Instagram filters as Photoshop actions! Download here.

2. Oh my god.. this is so disturbingly creepy. Please check your facebook privacy settings. Frequently. They change all the time.

3. Because it makes me laugh every time. Definitely a good expansion from a simple Toy Story idea. T-Rex Trying.

4. The design for 2012 Serpentine Pavilion by Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei has been released! I really wish I go see it! I love going to them each year.

5. A few of these photos of the Earth’s most dangerous terrain really made me feel funny.. I think I’ll keep my travels slightly less suicidal, thank you very much.

6. …and just in case your heart rate isn’t high enough, here are more photos of people too high off the ground. They are Himalayans collecting the honey of the world’s largest honeybee.

7. Aw.. remember on Friday when I said that I cry really easily at anything remotely emotional? Well I definitely teared up at this – First Position – a film about kids from around the world who want ballet scholarships. Amazing.

8. While I have wanted to experience bioluminescent plankton for a while now, this photo has just bumped the experience into my bucket list. A trip to the Maldives isn’t anything to sneeze at either ;)

9. Whoa. Robots controlled by brainwaves. The part where the quadriplegic woman drinks the coffee made me a bit choked up!

Tickle My Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have a short link list this week, due to the bank holiday this weekend. Did you have a good one? Did you brave the weather and get out and do stuff? I did.. we were London tourists and tour guides.

Now that all my travel plans are in order (I leave the 22nd for Spain, Canada, and California..) I was wondering if anyone would be willing to guest post? I won’t have direct access to internet so my postings will be pretty spare.. You can write about anything you like! I would so really appreciate it :)

1. London Modern Quilting Guil (of which I am a member!) is hosting a giveaway of Laura Gunn fabric and today is the last day! Go enter!

2. Such a sweet video of a parking garage (multi-story carpark) attendant who “validates”. I know it’s long (15 min) but it’s honestly such a nice story. To say I didn’t get choked up and/or teary eyed would be a lie. I am not the only one who enjoyed it either – it’s multi award winning!

3. Do you instagram? If so, do you ever wonder what to do with your photos? Or find it weird that your entire photographic record is digital and on your phone? Or is that just me…? Anyways, I found Printstagram miniprints which prints 48 of your photos for $12! I love that they look kinda like little polaroids, but have a nice matte finish. I know I’m going to be ordering some when I’m back stateside!

4. Wow.. I love illustration and these from Henry Clarke are amazing. They were created for a reprinting of Edgar Allen Poe’s short story collection in 1919. Amazing.

5. Gavin Hammond has taken some gorgeous photos of London from puddles. All black and white, all beautiful. Makes me see what people love about it again ;)

Tickle my fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. While I don’t personally like tattoos (hear that Mom?), these are amazing.

2. Whoa. If you don’t think that horses are absolutely stunning, I will prove you wrong. Andrew McGibbon took gorgeous pictures that show the sheer power and beauty of the horse.

3. Stupidity at 2500 frames per second. I was sold at the title. I bet it would have been so fun to think up/watch these in real life :)

4. You don’t need to be a kid to appreciate the wonders of a T. Rex radiator!

5. Can you believe it’s been one year since the royal wedding? Gavin and I were in California and it just doesn’t seem like that long ago.. This is one of my all time favorite posts from last year about it.

6. I’d heard that sunscreen contained chemicals that aren’t very good for us, but thought there was no alternative. Apparently, I was wrong!

7. Whoa. I find Pantone branded things pretty annoying but these Pantone swatch album covers really cool!

8. Have you ever wondered how Technicolor works? I never did. Did you think it was color film? I would have thought so, IF I had ever thought about it. Read all about the crazy-awesome world of Techincolor and why Dorothy’s slippers were ruby red….

9. Really great time-lapse videos that a dad made of his daughter and son. He filmed them every week from babies to 12 and 9, respectively, and it is so sweet! In the words of the post – “both films are very touching and really hammer in the bittersweet concept, that in raising children, the days are long but the years are short.” Aw… I don’t even have kids and I know how much that rings true..

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. Armed with plants and dollhouse furniture, The Pothole Gardeneris aiming to draw attention to East London’s potholes with style :)

2. Did you know that you can regrow celery? I’m so going to try this next time I buy a bunch of celery (and don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting!)

3. To follow up her food-based London weekend trip guide Annabel posted a concise top 10 list of things to do in Paris. Makes me want to go back!

4. Feeling a little down today? No worries. There’s nothing like a baby elephant on the beach to lift your spirits! I mean, this is adorable.

5. Do you want to glam-up your blog/twitter/anything with some lovely watercolor patterns? August Empress has loads of seamless backgrounds (and lots more!) to download!

6. Spelling/grammer mistakes are a really big pet peeve of mine so I find stuff like this sooo funny! Here we have a bunch of people who apparently don’t know the difference between cologne and colon. Yes. I am 25. Why do you ask…? via B is for Bel

7. I would love to have a fox themed party when the baby foxes emerge (soon!) and this fits the bill.

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Or Thursday? This whole not-having-internet mumbo-jumbo is really throwing me off…

Oh well, here are the links that I’ve really enjoyed this week+. Enjoy :)

1. Did you know that Lecien has a page where you can download free quilt patterns? Neither did I.

2. Do like poached eggs? I do but I’m always scared of the whole, swirling, vinegar-adding, messy process.. but NO MORE! I present to you the easiest poached egg recipe ever. It comes via Momofuku.. do they ever make something mediocre? I think not.

3. In case you aren’t Titanic-ed out, this video (short and sweet) is a illuminating, fascinating, moving bit of animation/data visualization.

Titanic – for BBC History from After the Flood on Vimeo.

4. Need another reason to hate airport security? Here you go.

5. Once I started painting my nails at home, I needed to learn (quickly) how to do it so it a.) lasted; and b.) didn’t look like a blind 2-year-old did it. Wish I had seen this. Would have helped.

6. Itty bitty, teeny tiny, food. Made out of Fimo/plasticine at 1:12 scale.. pretty cool!

7. The Horniman Museum is one of my all-time favorites in London so it was really cool to see a behind the scenes view of it! Loads of taxidermy and skeletons galore!

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Happy Tuesday all! Did you enjoy the 4-day weekend UK-ers? North Americans – did you get a holiday at all? I’ve been away so long I’ve forgotten!

This weekend was such a welcome break – we went to Cambridge, ordered a chair, re-organized the living room and make a huge start on spring cleaning. We didn’t do much for Easter other than have eggs and homemade bread for breakfast, followed by a lovely springy dinner of ham, new potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. Lovely.

Hope you had a great weekend, here are some things I’ve seen around that I really like:

1. This is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever seen. Here in the UK, being gay doesn’t have as big as an issue to overcome, but in the US, where religion is becoming more fundamentalized, being gay comes with a stigma, especially in the Mormon church. Heather from dooce sums it up for me: “I want to give a standing ovation to each person who participated in this, because OH MY GOD the courage to say these things when you belong to a church that so vigorously and publicly supported Prop 8.”

2. Silenc is a really interesting visualization of the silent letters in 3 different languages. My inner nerd just got reeeeally excited.

3. A very lovely color combination. Not to mention bowls.

4. No words other than I need these. Now.

5. The cheapest macro lens for your iPhone or Android – a drop of water!

5. One of my favorite bloggers, jane brocket, has started a new blog – winestorm – and it’s lovely. She is an avid knitter, reader, crocheter, gardener, and quilter who also is a master of wine! Her writing style is beautiful as ever, but this time it’s applied towards wine! Could there be anything better?

6. I’ll never have to buy liquid hand soap again! Next time I’m out, I’ll just make some!

7. A very cute ad campaign to get people to take the bus in Belgium. You can watch all the videos here.

8. Fancy some fabric textures? For your blog perhaps? Or for some sewing themed party? Or even a hot cocoa party? Pugly Pixel has them for download here!

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. If I could make to Sarah’s bridal party, I’d love to wear something like this.

2. I love the work of Anna Wright, especially these pigs and this cow. I have mentioned how much I love highland cows, right?

3. 365 days of handlettering is a project of Lisa Congdon. Some really beautiful and fun calligraphy.

4. Stunningly gorgeous, amazing, inspiring, [insert superlative adjective here], photographs. These make me want to use my DSLR more and my iPhone less…

5. A really sweet DIY mobile. Download the pdf here.

6. Did you know that fish fart? Me neither. But it’s true, it’s science. Amazing.

7. Amazing, interactive watercolor-styled maps! Makes Google maps look pretty boring, although there are no names of anything so I guess Google maps still has a place in the virtual world. For now..

8. So ugly, it’s cute! Busch Gardens welcomes it’s second baby aardvark :)

9. A beautiful home tour. Normally, I’m not a fan of “stuff”, but this is pretty dang sweet. When can I move in?

Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. I love this photography project by Rachel Hulin. Mostly because growing up, we used to play a game called flying babies with my dad. The game consisted of stacking all the pillows and duvets into a pile in the middle of the bed and then my dad hucking us from across the room onto the bed. Awesome. Best. Dad. Ever.


2. Do you have Ikea furniture and want to personalize it somehow but aren’t DIY-minded? No worries, Pretty Pegs is here to help! Basically, choose your shape and color and they’ll send you pretty new legs for your furniture! I could imagine these could be useful in other furniture updates as well.

3. Seattle is growing the first food forest – a massive park filled with edible plants!

4. As I’ve done 2 sets of wedding invitations in the past few months, I have had script fonts on my mind. These are all lovely and I just may be purchasing some!

5. If reading this doesn’t make you tear up, you have an icy black hole for a heart. And you probably hate kittens.

6. I love being in the UK, and I love Jaffa Cakes (why do we not have these in the US? This problem really needs to be rectified. Fast.) Dominic Wilcox recreated iconic British scenes using the quintessentially British cakes. Fab.

7. Are you wondering how long it Facebook will rule the earth internet? According to The Rise and Fall of Internet Empires, it’s just about 3 more years. My personal belief is that as soon as an “empire” make it too business-centric rather than people-centric, they begin to fail. It happened to Myspace before and Facebook is just now starting.. Have you seen Coke’s timeline?

8. Oh Big Picture – you consistently have the best photos ever. Your gorgeous pictures of spring are no exception.

9. Did you know that when brainstorming the names for the seven dwarfs, Disney came up with a list of possibilities. 47 to be exact. I like the idea of having a Flabby or a Dumpy, however, I’m wondering just what Neurtsy or Hotsy would be like?

10. Before we get depressed on how far women have to go before we will ever be considered equals (don’t even get me started on American political ideas right now…) let’s have a look at how far we’ve come. These ads are a reminder of how deeply engrained sexism was. I do find these funny though :) I actually laughed out loud at “most husbands, nowadays, have stopped beating their wives…” I know I probably shouldn’t, but the fact that they actually printed that in a magazine blew my mind!

11. Have you seen the Dollar Shave Club? I thought this was a joke when I first saw it, but no, it’s real. And it’s got a great ad. Watch the video. Brilliant.

12. Oooh.. I think I found our Easter morning breakfast! Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze.. mmm. Just the idea has me salivating! Look at how gooey and tasty that looks. Have that with some baked eggs? Heaven.


13. I’ve been in love with stripes for nearly 10 years and this is such a pretty collection! via The Sweetest Occasion