Norway circa 1890

I found these photochrom images on Live Fast a long time ago and pinned them. They are beautiful and vibrant. And about 120 years old. Seriously, I am still blown away.

They look like they could have been created yesterday, they are just in mint condition. They are a part of the Library of Congress’ archives. There are all sorts of photochrom photos from 1890 – 1910 of Europe, the Middle East and North America.

I think these would be so beautiful printed, framed and grouped together in black frames. Maybe in the hallway or maybe as a replacement for the art in the stripey entryway.

As it would be nice to find some that relate to Gavin and myself, I’m totally going to have a good search through the images available! See what England/California images there are!


Girly me!

One last post before I turn in for the night. I finally bought myself some new nail polish and I am ready for summer! Bring on the shorts and sandals!

Again, I apologize for the crap quality. I took it with my phone. And didn’t even bother to color balance… Oops.

Also – check out Liza Corbett. Seriously. It’s awesome. I love pen mixed with gouache and watercolor…


How Snow White was made

Every child in America since the late 1930’s has watched Disney films. I think I watched Cinderella enough times that I knew every line and I was Princess Jasmine for Halloween a year. I knew that they put a lot of effort into making those films, but I had no idea how much. This little news reel from 1938 explains how they were all made.

My favorite part is when he is talking about all the “pretty girls”. Definitely wouldn’t be able to talk like that now! I also like the guys Transatlantic accent – the US’s equivalent of a BBC accent.

Amazing underwater photography

It is people like this that make people like me realize that I never have to get over my fear of underwater. I can live vicariously through these beautiful photos and maybe one day go in a glass bottomed boat and enjoy the submarine landscape while sipping on an ice cold local brew or refreshing glass of white wine (it’s always warm in these places).

While this is pretty much my nightmare, I love that other people do it so that I can see it. Sharks have such an amazing silhouette and the color of the water is basically my favorite color, so double win.

Such a sweet, bright little octopus that found shelter in a glass bottle! So sweet.

This bird makes me laugh! So cute.. It’s also such a different perspective than we usually see birds from. I like it.

The colors! The movement! The vitality! I’m so in love!

Again, the colors. The juxtaposition of cute, cuddly (sort of), friendly dolphins with the fierce predators… Awesome.

Note: Clicking on the images will take you to their sources where there are even MORE awesome photos.

I love stamps..

Maybe I should start collecting? Not likely. I’m quite lazy about stuff like that.. But these US stamps are pretty cool. First off, let me just say that I am a huge nerd – I love Pixar (basically all their films are amazing) and I love design (it is what I went to school for, afterall) so I guess it’s not too much of a surprise that I love these stamps.
First off, here are the Pixar stamps:

I think they are so cute :) Do you think they are maybe making Pixar stamps as a way to encourage younger people who mainly use the internet for correspondence, to use snail mail again? Perhaps.
Oh, and side note: Can you believe its been 16(!) years since Toy Story came out! No joke! 1995! source

And then the “Pioneers of American Industrial Design” set..

Such iconic pieces of design that show how innovative Americans can be. Although it’s easy to forget, since most design now comes from abroad these days, these stamps serve to demonstrate that entrepreneurial nature that Americans had and still have. Now if only a little bit more focus was put into the arts, perhaps we could have new set of stamps showing revolutionary, change-the-world-kind, American design.. source

Found functions

I think these are so cool. Found functions is such an interesting concept and is so brilliantly simple, since most things in the natural world can have a mathematical function applied to it. The execution of the photos with the graphs overlaid is just so nice, I would love to have one of these as a print and frame it.

via fubiz via ffffound