My week in Instagram

Well.. I’m certainly not doing too well in Blogtoberfest. I’ve already missed two days!

I will catch up. I will catch up. That will be my mantra. I’ll be like the little blogger that could.

Anyways, back to our scheduled programming – my week+ in instagram.

I made an early morning trip up to one of our wineries – the view was stunning as was the ‘tree tunnel’.

You know it’s harvest time in wine country when traffic is caused by tractors!

Mmm.. peanut butter banana bread pudding. People went crazy for it!

A creepy face in my ice water at the bar.

San Francisco was alerting me to the fact that it has hills. This was at the top of a hill that is so steep, you hope there will be road in front of you.

If you want to see all the other photos I’ve taken, you can follow my pictures here and purchase them here! Are you on Instagram? My screen name is sydthewyd, hope to see you soon!

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