Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

Celebrities without eyebrows. Wow people look creepy!

OMG! A letter to Winston Churchill in 1917 is first recorded use of OMG.

Whoa. I want to be able to do this to my hair. Plus the name makes me want to sing “under the sea”.

I think I need to have a party simply to make/wear these party hats.

Um.. I never in a million years thought I would ever say this, but Beyonce has a tumblr.. and it’s actually pretty cool..

These make me want to get back to London so I can re-explore my favorite places! Too bad it’s going to be at least 41 business days…

Space continues to blow my mind again and again.

I love baby elephants.

What happens when you combine bald men and water balloons? Water wigs. Awesome.

I know politics can be touchy but I enjoy them and I believe in civil discourse. This article highlights one of the many reasons health care needs to be overhauled and attitudes need to change in the US.

And to lighten the mood, I present to you, the cast of Mad Men performing the Rick Astley classic, Never Gonna Give You Up:

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  1. I saw that healthcare article somewhere else (can’t remember where, of course) and was absolutely horrified. I realise as a Brit I don’t have any right to comment on American politics, but this is to me about fundamental human rights. The spending priorities have gone to hell, and it makes me so sad.

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