Cruise part 5 – Venice, Italy

Ahh.. Venezia! I was looking forward to Venice more than anywhere else in Italy. It’s just so beautiful! I had been here before so I knew what to expect and I wasn’t as gung-ho as other people on our cruise to see every.little.detail. Our timing for Venice was a little weird and unlike the other ports – we arrived into Venice at 4 in the afternoon and left the next day at 4, so we didn’t actually get a full day like we did at other places. It was fine though. We had a great time.

Coming up the canal might have been my favorite part – is that weird? It was just such a novel view of Venice that I knew I wasn’t going to see again. I just sat on my balcony and snapped away! You can get a sense of how big the ship is by seeing how high I am compared to the buildings.. And there were another 3 floors above me!

I told myself that I wasn’t going to take “that photo” again, but I did…

The gold mosaics in San Marco (Saint Marks) makes this my favorite cathedral. I really am a magpie..

I loved finding this little place where they build/repair the iconic gondolas!

And this is a rare photo of my family (minus my brother) all together! We decided that we needed to get a bottle of bubbles (or two…) along the Grand Canal. I think it was an exceptionally good idea!

Next up: Dubrovnik, Croatia!

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