My week in Instagram

Busy week – lots of doctors appointments (getting everything in order before I leave the country for so long!), lots of rain, a fair amount of sewing, and a visit from Gavin’s parents.

This is the church across the road from our house.. It’s really pretty (inside too – we went to concert inside!) and the sun had come out for about 2 minutes as I walked by. The bluebells are from a garden on my way to the train station.

Soho on Friday with very threatening clouds (left) and today from work’s roof terrace with sun (right)! Not a raincloud in sight and temps up to 18! Hooray!

My friend Jess challenged me to a “photos from a train window” contest. These are a selection of mine. Her photo stream is here.

If you want to see all the other photos I’ve taken, you can follow my pictures here! Are you on Instagram? My screen name is sydthewyd, hope to see you soon!

2 thoughts on “My week in Instagram

  1. right on! i’ve kinda fell off the virtual world as of late… so these are new to me!! lovely train shots, but that church is my favorite. coming back to the states, are you?

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