My week in Instagram

I guess I should say my two and a half weeks in Instagram.. With last Monday being a holiday and us having no internet(!!), scheduled posting was delayed. Now that the Virgin has decided to honor my payments and allow me to have internet again.

Our Easter was really nice – having the four days off was amazing. We have had a friend staying with us until she moves into her flat (tomorrow!) so we went out a few nights and we went to Cambridge on Saturday. Cambridge was stunning and the whole time I kept thinking I was in Harry Potter. Beautiful. I could move there in a heartbeat. On Sunday, we had Gavin’s perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs with homemade spelt bread for breakfast. For dinner we had ham/gammon, new potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli with some chocolate for dessert – it was Easter after all ;)

The weather here has certainly turned from the warm summer-like temps we had to cold, grey and rainy. I can’t complain too much though because we are in a drought. And they made for some glorious pictures and some great sewing time :)

If you want to see all the other photos I’ve taken, you can follow my pictures here! Are you on Instagram? My screen name is sydthewyd, hope to see you soon!

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