Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. If I could make to Sarah’s bridal party, I’d love to wear something like this.

2. I love the work of Anna Wright, especially these pigs and this cow. I have mentioned how much I love highland cows, right?

3. 365 days of handlettering is a project of Lisa Congdon. Some really beautiful and fun calligraphy.

4. Stunningly gorgeous, amazing, inspiring, [insert superlative adjective here], photographs. These make me want to use my DSLR more and my iPhone less…

5. A really sweet DIY mobile. Download the pdf here.

6. Did you know that fish fart? Me neither. But it’s true, it’s science. Amazing.

7. Amazing, interactive watercolor-styled maps! Makes Google maps look pretty boring, although there are no names of anything so I guess Google maps still has a place in the virtual world. For now..

8. So ugly, it’s cute! Busch Gardens welcomes it’s second baby aardvark :)

9. A beautiful home tour. Normally, I’m not a fan of “stuff”, but this is pretty dang sweet. When can I move in?

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