Pink Castle Blogger Bundle Competition

I love the idea of building my own fabric bundles and if I didn’t have to work and I had endless money and storage, I could do it all day long! So when I saw that Katy from i’m a ginger monkey has teamed up with Pink Castle Fabric to run a contest doing just that, I knew I was in.

The question was asked, “if you were chief bundle maker what would you choose?”

This is what I would choose:

Rows, top to bottom

  1. Wild Flowers in Blue, Wall Flower in New Day, Vines in Green
  2. Punctuation Dot in Black, Calico Cactus in Piney Woods, Meadow in Green
  3. Sundae Stripe in Gray, Herringbone in Lake, Rose Bouquet in Gold
  4. Heath in Chartreuse, Coreopsis in Sugar, Prairie Rose in Piney Woods

So what are you waiting for? Go make yours and post it here!

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