Tickle my Fancy Tuesday – Link Love

1. A simple, quick, trendy and cheap way to customise a tablescape from The Sweetest Occasion. I feel a summer project coming on!


2. The spring issue of Sweet Paul! Would you like a recipe for Downton/Upstairs, Downstairs-inspired scones? Egg recipes that would convert a self-professed egg disliker? He has got it all!

3. Jacinda from Prudent Baby has just released a fabric range called Texas Modern on Spoonflower and it is absolutely lovely. It’s available on Spoonflower and while it’s on the pricey side ($11/fat quarter, $18/yard) it is beautiful. Especially as I’m way into coral right now.. Must be spring! My favorites are the herringbone and stripes and the doily coral would be lovely as a simple, unpieced quilt.


4. Want to make the cutest cardigan and turban(!!) for your baby? Or be like me log it away for all your friends who seem to be having them! Check out Pickles for the free pattern.

5. Embroidered word a day. Random and fun.

6. I’ve been to see the new King’s Cross Station and it’s great. A really beautiful and tasteful combination of modern and Victorian.

7. According to this article, the engineers who decided on where to put the US interstates did a great job! Scientists used slime molds to test… pretty cool!

7. Did you watch this amazing video of a starling murmuration? Now you can learn the science behind how those birds move like that as a flock.. pretty clever for a bunch of bird brains.. haha, that was terrible, I’ll admit that ;)

8. Did you have American Girl Dolls when you were younger? I did and I totally loved them. This project by photographer Ilona Szwarc is a little creepy though.

9. And one last DIY! How to make your own dip-dye/ombré t-shirt! via Sweetest Occasion

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