Want to Pay it Forward?

Apparently my specialty in life is procrastinating… I signed up a while ago at Jenelle’s blog, Echinops and Asters for a Pay it Forward (PiF in bloggy/sewing speak!) and I hadn’t yet put up my post that gets the ball rolling. Read the rules (full disclosure, I borrowed these rules from Jenelle. She had put them so perfectly! Jenelle, if you mind, I’ll take them down/change them!) and if you are still interested, comment!

1. I will make a crafty gift for each of the first three people to comment on this post. This little gift is a surprise, and will arrive to you anytime within the next 365 days.

2. To sign up to pay it forward, you need to commit to the project yourself… so you can pay it forward too! Just post this, or something similar on your blog so others can get involved.

3. You need to have an active blog of your own…(or some other way to post up your PiF info like a flickr, pinterest, or facebook account. Basically you’ll need a place to announce your own PiF and to post some pics of the process.)

4. After commenting on this post, post something similar on your blog…so you can spread the pay it forward love. I will email you asking for your mailing address (and the online address where you are posting) so I can get your little treat in the mail. (Please make sure that your email address is visible on your profile or leave it in the comment.)

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