Castlerigg Henge

This is Castlerigg Stone Circle which was right up the road from our B&B.. Built in 3000 BC.. kinda mind blowing, really.

We stopped by there on the way home. We drove up, laughing guiltily that we were the “lazy walkers” as we passed about 15 people walking. It was perfect though, we arrived at the top of the hill, snow-capped mountains around us, icy wind howling… We jumped out got some photos and as we were hurrying back to the car, the group was just arriving. Perfect timing.

The scenery was amazing, there were sheep grazing, the mountains soaring all around us… stunning, really. We snapped our photos (can you tell that Gavin, the human radiator, was cold? It was beyond freezing!) and got the heck out! We were really lucky as well.. A massive storm came in and the roads where we were were closed due to ice and snow! Lucky, lucky us.

We are planning our next trip for May with another couple. I am so excited! I’m sure it will be a bit warmer as well (hopefully!)..

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