What I’m working on

This is the beginning of my advent calendar for Alfie and Kitty.. So far I have the numbers on six of the envelopes and this much stitching of the pockets. I have a lot of work ahead of me! It doesn’t help that the disappearing pen seems to just be absorbed into the felt rather than staying until it gets wet… annoying.

Tomorrow I am cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. Since the British clearly don’t celebrate it, we don’t have a holiday next week. We would do it next weekend but, alas, we are at a wedding were Gavin is the best man. Should be fun as we are having people total! I have already brined the turkey and I’m totally cheating and roasting the turkey and making the gravy tonight! That way tomorrow I just have to worry about reheating it – 20 minutes! Woohoo! So I won’t have the Norman Rockwell moment of setting the whole turkey on the table, but as no one really knows how to carve the turkey properly anyways, I figured no one would care. I’ll just make sure everyone has enough to drink!

One thought on “What I’m working on

  1. Your advent calendar is looking lovely ;)
    A good reminder on how quickly Christmas is coming….
    we also celebrate Thanksgiving early – in Canada it’s in early October – awesome timing I say – not too close to Christmas – I love having it earlier ;) I think you will too.
    Have a great time with family ~ I’m sure the turkey will be delicious – and so good no one will have to wait around for it too long ;)

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