Twelve by 2012 update

One month ago, I posted a list of things I wanted to accomplish by December 31, 2012 – my 12 x 2012 list. Here’s where I stand now:

1. Paint the entryway with yellow and white stripesdone! I did this over the Halloween weekend. 2 days. A lot of work.

2. Finish my quilt for Tyleein progress. I finished the quilt top, but still need to assemble the backing, quilt, and bind it. Good ways to go yet.

3. Make a jacket for Kittyin progress. So far the structure is done, it’s just the million and one finishing bits that need to be done..

4. Get a table lamp for the living room – Found one! Just need to buckle down and buy it, or find one that’s cheaper… And honestly, it looks so much better in person than it does online! My favorite lamp online wasn’t very nice in person, so there you go.

5. Finish the landing page and portfolio pages of my website – haven’t even started. Soon.

6. Learn to knit or crochet – done! Boom! Will have the finished photos up soon!

7. Make a piece of art to go over the bed that doesn’t look cheap, temporary or homemade – nope.

8. Design and make an advent calendar for Alfie and Kitty – Fabric bought, calendar designed, just need to make it…

9. Plant my bulbs for next spring – done! 1 box of tulips and 1 box of little daffodils.

10. Find a New Year’s dress – found it, not purchased. Yet. Sparkly shorts… oh yes.

11. Make a donation to a different, non-denominational charity – I made 2 for December… That will count enough for me. One to Oxfam East Africa Appeal and one to WaterAid Christmas Appeal. Is it hypocritical to say that I wanted non-denominational and then donate for Christmas? If so, I’m sorry. Not really.

12. Figure out a savings plan to get a down-payment on a house – I might be getting there… 5 year plan is being hashed out.

All in all, I don’t think I’m doing too bad!

2 thoughts on “Twelve by 2012 update

  1. yay! love this list making… may need to do this too! i wanna do more with my blog but i’m too lazy. i can’t figure out most of the technical stuff out, anyway. Good for you on your donations, it’s nice to give, isn’t it?!

    • You totally should make a list! I love list-making… I’m trying to learn the coding side of web/blogging design so I thought I would use my own as a tester… clearly I haven’t made it very far! I do feel better after donating! It assuages my guilt of seeing stuff all over the news and not doing anything other than tutting in sympathy.

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