A (sort of) Surprise Package

During Blogtoberfest, many bloggers had giveaways. One of these lovely people was Miss Yarnwrap, whose giveaway I won! I got her package the other day and I was so happy! As she is in Australia and I’m here in the UK, we decided to do a mini-swap. I sent a few things and she sent me this:

It’s a sweet book of Japanese embroidery, a fabric printed with Aboriginese designs in a sparkly gold color, a fun orange printed panel, 2 crochet hooks and a magnet (not pictured). She also had a little note included that informed me that Australians have a form of Cockney rhyming slang (but clearly not Cockney) where Sydney is referred to as “steak and kidney”. Gavin thought it was quite funny and he now refers to me as that…

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