Endless possibilities – Cards! Wrapping paper!

When I saw these on Design*Sponge yesterday, I knew I needed them in my life! I have always had an obsession with rubber stamps that started with homemade valentines and embossing powder. It was such a fun thing to do when I was little! These Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps ones are much more mature than the Winnie the Pooh stamps of my youth, but are just as endearing.

I really like that they have a San Francisco (home town, kinda) and London (new home) set. It’s like they are speaking to 2 different parts of me! They have all sorts of fun sets to check out here. The beach scene and badminton set are also in the running in being my first purchase…

I would love to make all my greeting cards from these as I do write a fair amount of “snail mail”. Isn’t it just so nice to get something handmade and handwritten in this digital age? A little human connection rather than a little beep in the online? Mailbox rather than inbox. And I might even be able to make next year’s Christmas cards with this winter scene :)

I also want to make some wrapping paper out of brown butcher paper and use the stamps to make a pattern. Cheap and beautiful wrapping paper! Done and done. Now roll on payday….

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